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Open Culture Studio competition – cast your vote!

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In 2017 teams representing the Museum of Polish History, the National Museum in Warsaw, the Museum of Warsaw and the KARTA Center have been developing digital tools that use digitalized heritage in an attractive, unconventional way tailored to their’ audiences’ needs. In November 2017 you had a chance to familiarise yourself with the projects, and cast your vote on the one you would most like to use!

The effects of the teams’ work are prototypes of mobile and browser games, an interactive map and a tool for creative artwork remixes – all on open license CC BY-SA 4.0. Out of the four, two tools were selected, and the winning institutions will implement them in 2018 with the support of the Open Culture Studio.


The projects are as follows:

  • The Museum of Polish History: a website “The 20s without a filter” – a richly illustrated gamebook, allowing the readers to live as a character living in the interwar period and feel both the spirit of history and the atmosphere of everyday life in this period. Aimed at high school and university students aged 17-25, with little to no knowledge of history and a skeptical approach to games, especially educational ones. See the prototype: The 20s Without a Filter
  • The National Museum in Warsaw: a mobile application Muselfie (working name) – an educational and entertainment mobile application for creating collages and memes using selected reproductions of exhibits from the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw own photographs and graphic tools. Aimed at schoolchildren, people born after the year 2000. See the prototype: Muselfie
  • The Museum of Warsaw: a mobile application Warsaw Conman – a mobile game where the player takes a role of a conman, who gathers things on the playing field, a cross-section of a specific building located in Warsaw. Intended for people who want to spend their free time with an interesting form of entertainment and discover Warsaw in a humorous and tongue-in-cheek way. See the prototype: Warsaw Conman
  • The KARTA Centre: a website “The Trails of the Wanderers” – a web tool presenting archive materials and information regarding the history of Poland during World War II, shown in an interesting graphic form, forming an engaging story. Comprises a world map and a timeline (1939-1948), as well as the fates of Polish citizens marked on the map, as well as individual stories accompanied by photograps and recordings. Aimed as a tool for teachers, a social archive, a source for enthusiasts. See the graphic prototype: The Trails of the Wanderers


As we believe that users are the most important product reviewers, the selection of the prototypes for implementation will be based on a public vote accompanied by a vote of a jury of industry experts and the management of Centrum Cyfrowe.

The competition run from November 13th to 26th.

The National Museum in Warsaw: a mobile application Muselfie and The KARTA Centre: a website “The Trails of the Wanderers”


The Partner of the project is the Polish History Museum.

Under the patronage of National Institute for Museums and Public Collections.

Cofinanced by The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Pracownię Otwierania Kultury
prowadzi Centrum Cyfrowe